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Weekend Plans

So what are your plans for the weekend/Easter?

I can't wait until 3:00 (I'm at work right now, and there is no one here today except me). That's when my weekend starts. I'm going to my usually Friday night crop. I'm still working on the same album for my BFF Belinda's granddaughter. Her birthday party is in 2 weeks and I'm not even halfway finish. It doesn't help that she just gave me more pictures Wednesday night. I'll work it out, I always do.

Tomorrow night we are doing family game night at my Aunt Betty and Uncle Johnny's house. This was suppose to be a monthly thing with the whole family. We haven't done it in almost a year. It was my sisters turn to host it and we have been waiting all this time for her to set a date. My Aunt got tired of waiting, so we will be at their house. This will give me a chance to take so picture with my new lens. Can't wait to try it out.

We don't have much planned for Easter. Don't know if we are going to go to Church. It's always soooo crowded with the CME people (that's the people who only come on Christmas, Mother's Day, and Easter). I'm not cooking dinner this year either. Armand and I talked about it last night, and he suggested we go out to dinner. He's going to pick some place for us to go for an early dinner and then we will come back home and watch the Ten Commandments. That is an Easter tradition for us.

Ok, since I hate to post without pictures. This is the one I promised in my last post. It's also a challenge for you to dig out some old school pictures of yourself. Here is my 5th grade class picture.


I am in the 3rd row from the bottom, first person on the left hand side, not looking at the camera. I swear i don't know what I was looking at. Right below me sitting in the plaid jacket is my BFF Belinda. There is also someone VERY famous in this picture. Do you see her. She is in the top row. She is the tallest girl in the picture. Her name then was Michelle Robinson. Today she is Known as:


That's right I went to grammar school with First Lady Michelle Obama. She also worked at University of Chicago Hospital at the same time as my BFF Belinda, so I would see her there occasionally too.

So what famous person(s) did you go to school (grow up) with?

Ok, this post has become way to long, Happy Easter and I'm out!



That's so neat!

Gabrielle Pollacco

That is so cool!! Hmm, I don't think I knew any famous people growing up, I'll have to think on that one. (BTW, love your webpage!...I'll add it to my favourites!)

I just wanted to say thanks to you for your sweet comments at my blog....so happy you decided to say hello!

~Gabrielle xx

Frances Stone

hey Gabrielle,
Love your design work! You are my favorite. I would love to know where you order the pearl cluster flower centers. This info would be much appreciated.
Fran Stone

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